Action Mechanisms


Considering technical support and accompaniment to farming households in agro-ecological conversion processes, design of participatory methodologies for the training of promoters and knowledge exchange processes under the farmer to farmer approach.


To enable networking of many organizations through the identification of activities that allows joint actions in order to strengthen forces toward common goals.


Using different communication tools to enhance training partners outreach to different constituencies and positioning of RECAB programs.

Participatory Research

Through the farmer to farmer approach seeks to foster associates’ investigative skills based on the identification of common interests and problems. This is made by participatory research methodologies that allow the articulation of the work of local promoters.



  • Training in Alternative Agriculture programs.
  • Training and support to implementation processes of urban agriculture.
  • Advice on the implementation of participatory guarantee systems (GPS) and conventional certification based on current production standards in organic farming.
  • Handling, use and preservation of genetic resources appropriate knowledge generation in organizations.
  • Technical training and specialized consulting services on demand and interests of organizations articulated the RECAB processes.


  • Accompanying social organizational processes including aspects of gender equity and generations, especially youth and women vulnerable public.
  • Development proposals with local communities design.
  • Design farm proposals for participatory planning with emphasis on fair trade market, including self-supply, local exchange and surplus trading and marketing.
  • Participatory Construction business plans with organized groups in both urban and rural areas.


  • Economic and market valuation of organic farming production systems.
  • Production planning related on market situation analysis.
  • Construction and development of business plans, market-oriented solidarity.
  • Supply food to rural-urban level proposals design.
  • Consolidating of economic networks of solidarity.

Development of production systems

  • Support for rural and urban low-income grassroots communities on the development of proposals for sustainable agriculture.
  • Organic farming and livestock production systems designing and developing, both in rural and urban farm level.
  • Proposals for developing of participatory research in agro ecology with rural communities.